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Repair your Existing / Non Working Pumping Sets
Service your Old / Existing Pumping Sets

Annual Maintenance Contract

Water Drilling and Pump Services experts holds expertise in understanding various problems and technicalities of Pumps and thus are adept in providing matchless Pump maintenance services on annual contract basis. The problematic parts of the Pumps is either changed or repaired to provide it excellent performance, maximum cost efficiency and long shelf life.

Annual Service Contract

Water Drilling and Pump services offers an Annual Service contracts provides routine servicing of your new or existing Pump to regulate the performance and efficiency of Pump. In this we remove your Pumps and service it in our workshop and install it back.

Extended Warranty

Water Drilling and Pump services offers an extended warranty for 2 years after the one year guarantee of Asian Pumps India. You need not live in fear of your Pump failing due to mechanical or electrical failures. The Extended Warranty keeps your Pump covered for 2 years and this coverage begins at the end of the first year from the date of purchase, which is after the one year guarantee of Asian Pumps India .

Borewells  Drilling  &  Cleaning

The Borewell Drilling allows digging of a well and extracting water. We use the latest machinery for Borewell Drilling to ensure great output in work. The machinery makes our work of Borewell Drilling easy and less time consuming. Thus, we are able to do Borewell Drilling work in all types of land ranging from sandy and muddy to hard and soft textured ones.

Ringwell Drilling & Cleaning

Dug wells are used extensively for domestic water supplies. These Ring Well Drillings are generally not very deep because these cannot readily be sunk far enough below the water table. Most of the Ring Well Drillings that we do are less than 50 feet deep.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the accumulating and storing, of rainwater for reuse, before it reaches the aquifer. It has been used to provide drinking water, water for irrigation, as well as other typical uses given to water.

Manual / Fully Automatic Control Panel Board for existing pumps

Suppliers of control panels, Suitable for Single Phrase, Three Phase, Submersible Pump Sets.It restricts water wastage. Its saves electricity and also keep the track of the electricity consumed by the pump. It is available in both Manual and Automatic mode as per pumping set type.

Sensors for your Borewell,
Underground Tank &
Overhead Tank

Sensors are beneficial for saving water as it restrict the overflow of tanks. It also reduces human efforts as it automatic turn on and turn of the pump. Sensors not only saves water but also saves electricity as it switches off the pump automatically once the tank is full and switches it On once the tank is empty.

Removal & Installation of
Old & New Pumping Set

These are installed with the help of our experienced team and use of latest techniques. Removal and Installation services for pumps and pumping systems can be availed by our esteemed customers at an industry leading price rate.

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